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Find and share recipes here. You've bagged the buck, now become an expert at preparing the venison that will knock your socks off and cooking those deer recipes like a 5 star restaurant in your own kitchen.

Hunting game is one thing you are good at. Cooking it is a whole other ball game. Out at the lease and need a new way to grill the back straps you just cut? Look for new wild game recipes here.

Is your wife lost on how to cook the boar you shot? Problem solved! Let her know that, here, in The Kitchen, she can find new ways to roast, grill or fry up that pork.

You can scroll through recipes that others have posted, search directly for what you want and post your game recipes to share with others in The Kitchen.  

Whether it is a healthier alternative to cooking your favorite game recipe or wanting a good home style cooking, this is where to look.

I like taking the deer to be processed first. Go to the Pro Shop or click here to see our recommended processors. My family loves when I bring the spicy deer sausage home. The recipe for sweet and spicy deer sausage is below.

Wanting some deer chili and corn bread on a cold winter day? How about a bar-b-que feast, meat, coleslaw, potato salad and lemonade?

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