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Do you like hunting and fishing? Are you looking for equipment, new or used? Or are you looking for something like a new way to cook your wild game over a campfire. This website is for you; a meeting of the minds for all hunters and fishermen.

On Go-Outdoors-America.com you will find all this and more.

There are several really popular social networking sites and they serve the public well, however, they are generic in nature, making it difficult to find someone with the same interests and hobbies. Outdoor Adventures offers you a chance to discuss your common interests with others.

The reason Outdoor Adventures was created was for those that love to hunt and fish. If you have questions or answers on the sport, if you like to look at hunting and fishing photos or you want to post some of your own, we are here for you. We also offer a place to buy or sell hunting or fishing related items, find game recipes or just chat with other outdoor enthusiast. If this interests you, then Outdoor Adventures is the perfect place for you. 

It is a site specific to hunting and fishing, not any other sport. This is what makes it easy to find people with the same interests as yourself.

Come on in and look around.


List your hunting and fishing items for sale in our store. Is the garage overflowing with things you don't use anymore? Post them on our Store page for someone else who might be able to use them. You could get a little cash to help buy something you are looking for. Your trash is someone else's treasure.

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Sorry y'all, we are in construction right now.


Find wild game recipes or share your own recipes with others.

Know what you want to do already? 

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Trophy Room

Post your own legends of your favorite hunting or fishing stories. Show off photos of your trophy catch, harvest or trip of a lifetime. Check out photos from other outdoor enthusiasts.

Pro Shop

Find professionals in your area or around the country to help make your next trip more adventurous or more productive. Find help after the hunting or fishing trip  such as a taxidermist or processor.


The Back Porch

This chat room will be a great place to grab a cup of coffee, sit and chat, ask questions or help someone else with your knowledge. Maybe just brag about the trip that you just took.

It is currently in the works so bear with us until it is up and running.

Game Room

When you are not planning a trip, and just killing time between hunts, play a hunting or fishing game to pass the time until the hunting or fishing season reopens.

Again, we are still working on the games, so keep checking back with us to see if the Game Room is open. In the meantime, check out our other pages.

Fact of the Week!

How well can deer hear?

Deer hear at a higher frequency than humans, so much so, that humans cannot even detect the sound.

There are muscles in a deer's ear that enable the ear to move in all directions without moving its head. This, in fact, allows the deer to pinpoint the direction of the sound.

Here are some tips from the experts at Field and Stream:

1. Don't walk slowly; instead walk at a steady pace.

2. Rattle antlers, change pace a use grunt callsnd and don't walk so soft-footed. The deer will think you a fellow animal in the forest rather than the danger you are.

3. Always watch the ears. If the open cavity is pointed at you, he might hear you. Are the ears pointed behind her? A doe might be following. And if you're lucky, a buck is behind her.

Happy Hunting!